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Africa is a continent of diversity with numerous ethnic groups, languages, religions, etc. It has the youngest population in the world with almost 60% of the….

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Advocacy for a more unified and conducive continent for growth and development through writing other than….


We are youths from different countries across Africa and diaspora who believe that for Africa to develop more, Africans especially the youths have to come together and understand that it’s their responsibility to build their continent instead of always counting on foreign intervention. We identified an information gap that is generally left by the media which needs to be bridged by harnessing the power of social media platforms to collectively channel our voices to the  Africans especially youths and children through compelling writing, entertainment, media, education, and other forms of digital creation.

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10 Ways Youths can Enhance Progress in a Bad Economy.

Irrespective of the size of the economy and how good or bad the investment and political climate is, success will never be achieved easily. It will require extra effort.

Extensive analysis on why many people fail to become millionaires

Often, we desire to be somewhere in life and assure ourselves that we can by all means! That is the positivity we spread. Believing in ourselves that we can make it but what happens eventually with the kind of life we want to achieve? Sometimes, life is far from our...

New World, Expired Systems

Our systems in Africa are mostly inherited from our colonizers. Each African country celebrates independence every year, celebrating freedom from the colonizers but we still do things the way they taught us. Our judiciary, community setup, way of dressing, and the education system itself.

Betrayed or Blinded by Friends-ish?

Lately, I found the inner me sobbing with large gasps at the thought of my used to be friends, with whom I have shared great moments and secrets since childhood.


I have noticed that when some people are experiencing the worst moments in their lives they do not want to be told about God. When they are at their lowest, they do not understand God and they mostly question His existence.

Mental Health and Aging.

People have misconceptions about ageing in relation to mental health, most think that all elders are demented which is not true and they have different myths about ageing like; the majority of the older people are mentally ill, older people contribute nothing to the society, to be old is to be sick all the time and a burden to the care takers.

Tech: The Way For The African Economy.

With an economy of $2.6 trillion (Nominal), $6.7 trillion (PPP), and a population of approximately 1.3 billion people, technically, three-quarters of the African population is unemployed.
Through investment, inventions, and innovations, especially in science and technology, the African economy could rise very quickly.

The Mess in the Genesis of Love Affairs for African Girls

Citing Ugandan societies as an example, I can confidently boast about how conservative Africa has been for Her culture and tradition. This has been entirely good and productive until we all failed to adjust the conservativeness with advancement in technology, and...

Say “NO” to Stressful Life

Stress is one of the most escalating issues that is affecting the normal functioning of people today in areas of work, families, and relationships, in other words, it threatens people’s well-being.

My hometown is all African countries

My hometown is all African countries.

Here are some facts about kids in my hometown, which translate to several others;
We are born with nothing on us, but God’s luck, and blessings from our parents. It’s not an easy journey to grow up in such a town, but whether born in slums or marked urban areas, we thrive.

African kids grow up being raised by a bunch of guardians, well-wishers, and even those we least expect to care for us. Every individual takes on the task with great gratitude. We feed on what is available; provided by family, and community. There’s oneness in my hometown, there’s love in Africa.

As we grow up, we find ourselves in an ocean of friends who we turn to almost in or for everything. With them, we try the unthinkable, the illegal, and surprisingly, we sometimes do the right thing at the right time.

Like Africa, in my hometown, every individual lives a life he/she can afford. Many of us see trends in this and wish to be part, but the bridge between is far for us to join. We end up enjoying in our possible ways however different they may be.

Then we all gather together, each having another’s back in times of trouble, irrespective of the size of the pocket. We always keep that spirit of family and move it with the community at large, trying as much as we can not to leave anyone behind. There is Unity in my hometown. There’s brotherhood in Africa.

No one in my hometown moves beyond limits just to impress or be impressed by others. Many of us know our weaknesses, but we use them to find better lives for ourselves and the future generations at large.

In short, we are a small society with a humble way of living a lifestyle one can afford. Holding hands, whenever need be, keeping the unity alive and active. So should my hometown stay. So should Africa always be.

How Money Worsens Family Ties Between Those Abroad And Back Home.

Sometimes if you leave home to work abroad, your family can easily make you their slave especially if you have selfish and narcissistic parents. At first, you had no problem sending virtually all the money you earned because you knew the situation at home but after a...

Speak the feeling, receive the healing.

I remember, one of the last times I cried in front of my father, I was drunk and telling him how much I loved him, and he told me to stop crying. He told me he loved me similarly — expressions that felt foreign to me — however, he said them as if that was supposed to...

Is Thomas Sankara the praiseworthy form of African leadership.

African leadership has been an inconsistent wave through the ages. This is so pronounced that it’s almost impossible for one to choose a single individual for the rest of the African leaders to emulate. If Africa had to clone her leaders from one however, we would...


Most of us are not the same people we were last year, mostly because of different lessons that we have learned throughout the year. Because of different experiences that we have, some no longer see things the way they did last week.

Life lesson to learn early on in life

There are so many lessons I wish I had learned while I was young enough to appreciate and apply them. The thing with wisdom, and often with life lesson in general, is that they're learned in retrospect, long after we needed them. The good news is that other people can...

My life-The latter arsenal story

Arsenal players in training I'm no arsenal fan, and neither am I so much into soccer as a fan, but I have followed the events in football and can draw quite reliable conclusions. Arsenal as a team has spoken to my life through the experience they have had over the...

8 Random picks from the art of Money Getting by P.T Barnum

The art of money getting ( the golden rules of making money) is one of the best financial literacy and self-development books of all time and it's one worth everyone's time. We take a look at a few picks from the classic book.1. On debt;Young men should avoid debt....

Why one needs self-assessment?

Self-assessment is all about knowing yourself better. It involves examining one’s attributes regarding their true identity. It’s just as important as one can’t imagine because it leads to self-evaluation, self-verification, and finally self-enhancement which all...

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